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This smile makeover photo gallery showcases the exceptional work of Dr. Joel Khoo (Prosthodontist).

Dr. Khoo successfully completed a 3 years ADA accredited Prosthodontics specialty training in 2011 from the University of Iowa. This full time training provided Dr. Khoo with advanced training and knowledge in smile makeovers.

Since then, he has gone on to help numerous patients, including dentists, recreate the smile they have always wanted.

If you are interested in a smile makeover, please ask specifically for a “smile makeover evaluation” when making your first appointment. At your first appointment, you will have the opportunity to share with Dr. Khoo your concerns and expectations for a smile makeover.

A comprehensive oral evaluation and a smile makeover treatment plan will be created for you at the same visit. In advanced smile makeover cases, additional visits will be needed to complete an advanced smile analysis and treatment plan.

Crowns and dentures for smile makeover

Our patient was embarrassed with how his teeth looked.  He knew his teeth were a mess and needed a lot of dental work done. He wanted to get his smile back. The patient really wanted a full mouth reconstruction with crowns, bridges and implants, but it was not within his budget.  We put together an alternative treatment plan involving a series of extractions, a few crowns and a set of dentures. With proper planning, we gave him back a beautiful and confident smile that he always wanted. He said the work that we have done has completely changed his life. The results speak for themselves!

Implant bridge for missing front teeth

Our patient lost her front teeth several years ago from an ice skating accident. She had her missing teeth replaced with implants but was so upset with how ugly her bridge looked. When she came to us, we replaced the failing bridge. The patient was overjoyed when she got the new bridge. The bridge had a very natural appearance and blended well with her natural teeth and gums. She was no longer conscious and embarrassed of how she smiled.

Implants and dentures to replace failing teeth

This patient came in with rampant caries on her lower teeth. We had the remaining carious teeth extracted and 2 implants placed in her lower jaw. The 2 implants helped to keep the lower denture firmly in place. What a difference it made to the patient not having to worry about decay on her teeth ever again.

Single tooth implants to replace missing teeth

This patient was born with two missing teeth. She wore braces to have her teeth straightened and open up enough space to have two implants placed.  The two implants were restored with crowns to complete her smile.

Crowns for severely worn teeth

This patient was concerned about how badly worn his lower front teeth were. He was told that his lower front teeth could not be saved and needed to be extracted. A detailed evaluation of his teeth was performed and we could save his lower front teeth.  His deep bite was causing excessive wear on his lower front teeth. He had a full mouth reconstruction to correct his deep bite and give him a brilliant white smile.

Crowns for a smile makeover

This patient did not like her smile. She was bothered by her dark yellow stained teeth and the crowding of her lower front teeth.  She wanted her teeth to be straight and white.  What she needed was a full mouth reconstruction. We placed ceramic crowns on all her teeth. She absolutely loved it and was glad she got them done.

Implants and crowns for a smile makeover

This patient wanted to save his teeth. His teeth grinding habits resulted in the loss of some of his back teeth and he was worried about losing more teeth in the future.  The missing back teeth also made it difficult for him to eat and enjoy his food. He received a full mouth reconstruction with crowns, bridges and implants.  With this treatment, he has added preserved his teeth from excessive wear. He now enjoys eating without worrying about his teeth falling apart.

Severe teeth wear, crowns and partial denture

This middle age patient had a habit of grinding his teeth and had severely worn down his teeth. We did a smile mock up to see how much teeth we had to reconstruct.  The patient absolutely loved the smile mock up. He gave the go ahead to start the full mouth reconstruction and he couldn’t have been happier with his teeth when the treatment was complete.

Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is commonly caused by acidic foods in the diet or by gastric reflux. If left untreated, erosion causes rapid severe irreversible damage to teeth. It is important to immediately address the cause of the dental erosion. Extensive erosion requires crowns to restore and protect the teeth from future erosion.





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